Mutichannel Interactive Multimedia Systems

This course is part of the Computer Engineering Bachelor degree from the UPV. I teach this subject in English since 2014.
This course aims to explore in a practical and enjoyable way the current state of the technologies, services and on-line applications that integrate multimedia such as video, music, games, photography and others.
We study the communicative models that different companies have articulated around the traffic of multimedia elements in a whole battery of different devices, such as consoles, PCs and smartphones.
We check the difficulties of adapting the contents for different hardware platforms and, at the same time, we explore the current software strategies to achieve “universal compatibility” for apps and games.
Most of our practices use the Unity video game engine due to its multi-platform capacity and rapid absorption by the market. We also use the Visual Studio compiler and the CSharp programming language to create apps and games during the semester.