Lend me your eyes

Collaborative installation for the exhibition “A.N.C.A. a collective creation experience 1989/1994 “, made between the 16th of October and the 21st of Noviembre of 2019, in the exhibition hall of the Rectorate of the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

It is an interactive installation prepared to attract and “steal” the visitor a photograph of their face. The obtained image is processed to crop the eyes and immediately print the result. The visitor’s collaboration is requested to hang the resulting photograph on the wall. Throughout the days, the wall filled with these eyeless face pictures.

The installation consists of a computer screen and a printer on two circles on the wall and floor. The screen shows a digital avatar, with human body and eye-shaped head, which is waiting to detect the presence of visitors. When the visitor’s face is at a suitable distance a photo is taken and it is displayed inside the screen, separating the eyes from the face. The eyeless face is immediately printed with a message seeking the complicity of the visitor to participate in the work by hanging his image next to the others on the wall.

The computer programming of the application was carried out with the Unity program and the OpenCV library in CSharp.